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skylar_adams's Journal

Skylar Adams
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Name: Skylar Adams
LJ: skylar_adams
Fandom: Alphas
Played by: Summer Glau
Canon Break: Skylar is a one episode character from Alphas
Ability: Skylar is a tinker. She can create amazing machines out of junk. She's the McGyver of the Alphas.

Skylar Adams was deemed non-dangerous by the government when her alpha abilities manifested. She is an inventor. She can take bits and pieces and create things that no one has seen before. One of the items she always keeps with her is a trio of small robotic drones about 4 inches long that are shaped a bit like fireflies, which is totally a nod to her played by Summer Glau and her time on Firefly.

Skylar was one of Dr. Lee Rosen’s first patients in the Alpha Project. She was quite close with Nina Theraox, or as close as she is with anyone. She is a bit of a loner, and she is much smarter than the average bear. While working for the NSA she created a computer that can trace anyone by their genetic code. She named it Bob, and when she ran into trouble with the NSA, she killed him, stealing his memory core.

Her reason for running was to protect her daughter, Zoe. (Another possible nod to Firefly) Zoe is a 5 year old mathematical prodigy. Skylar wants to keep Zoe away from the government, and to protect her she’s sent her to live outside of the country. She misses her daughter, but she knows the best way to keep her a secret is to distance herself from her.

Skylar will be RP'd on rp_shadesofgray.